Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Some resources and preparation for Session 5

Image above: Evening shadows, backwater of the Murray, South Australia 
H J Johnstone   Australia, 1835–1907

Some resources to support historical learning on South Australia and our indigenous history

* In regards to the South Australian Aboriginal history role play on Tuesday, click here and you can download a pdf of the activity.

* Changing Worlds: The South Australian Story

* South Australian Aboriginal Cultural Studies Curriculum
Click on ACS Aboriginal Cultural Studies course and then in the next screen,
enter password in reverse as mentioned.

To do before next Tuesday's session (Session 5)

1. Bring along the story of your soldier or nurse that you researched on the Virtual War Memorial - this was the task for Session 4 but we did not get time to discuss.

2. View the Debt of Honour video and be prepared to discuss. After watching the video, have a look at the interesting table of Australian global conflicts deaths over time from the Australian War Memorial website at

3. Make sure you have done the readings from Ty Andre's book (Chapter 29 and 34) on the Vietnam War.

4. Do the five readings for Session 5 (Reynolds chapters, Earth's Nine Lives, Woolen Case Study and the Earth Charter Education article) - all described on the task sheet provided.

5. Complete the final double-entry journal as described (either the 'Earth's Nine Lives' article or David Suzuki's video.

6. Calculate your ecological footprint using

7. In preparation for the final sessions, look at the following two PowerPoints on the HaSS curriculum.
* Civics and Citizenship 
* Economics and Business 

At the session on Tuesday you will be provided with details for Assignment 2: The Unit of Study

See you all on Tuesday!

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