Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Getting ready for Session 4

Image above: Gary Passmore conducting the South Australian Aboriginal Cultural Studies role play during Session 3.

Thanks to Gary for spending some time with us today and sharing his knowledge and expertise - always something to learn. As mentioned, here are some PowerPoints to look at before Thursday and a little background and prep for our 4th Session.

1. The presentation on the Geography concepts that we started today.

2. A presentation on creative teaching that we will refer to on Thursday - to help with your lesson and unit planning.

3. Remember to come along on Thursday ready to talk about an indigenous Australian who has contributed to our society (either in the past or in the present).

4. Although we may not have time on Thursday, be prepared to share a story of a soldier or nurse from any of the conflicts that Australia participated in during the 20th Century. Use the RSL Virtual War Memorial at https://rslvirtualwarmemorial.org.au/ to do your research.

5. Read chapter 29 (A Helping Hand From Uncle Sam) and Chapter 34 (The Fall of Saigon) from Ty Andre's book On My Brothers Shoulders. This provides a view of the Vietnam War from the perspective of a Vietnamese man who began life in an impoverished orphanage. We have streamed the whole book if you would like to read Ty's story in its entirety.

6. Planning is going ahead for a voluntary excursion experience after the workshop next Thursday (8 December). We have booked into visit Parliament House and the Migration Museum and we hope to provide you with an insight about the nature of and how to conduct a HaSS excursion. More about that tomorrow!  

7. As requested, here are the photos of the great resources Gary brought along today.

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